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Welcome to Positive Digital Marketing - The Leading SEO company in Melbourne & all over Australia. Our Aim is to help your business grow and get you the ROI you target.

Our Search Engine optimisation Team is able to help you with Local seo, Nation wide seo & All over the web if required. We make sure that we prove it first. Our program is designed to get you the placmenets before you pay.

Get One Month Free Adwords Management, That's how confident we are in getting the results. Our certified account managers knows exactly what needs to be done & that's why we are the No.1 PPC management company in Melbourne.

Our Services

We are here to make your business flourish. And with our experienced Google certified team, we promise to deliver the best online marketing service in Melbourne. We specialize in PPC Management, SEO Management and Web Design. Try us out now, and you will not regret it.

PPC Management Melbourne

Google Adwords now is a necessity for every business, It is not a luxury anymore. You have to be showing for your customers otherwise it is easy for your competitor to land them, Fill in our Survey and that will entitle you to Enjoy one month of Google Adwords with our consultation free of charge. Find Out More

Best SEO Melbourne

Choose Our Social Media Management Team. Sign Up Now.

Social Media Management now Can help you a lot through all the different plat forms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. Not only to get more business but also in your SEO. our Social Media Managers will be able to help you grow your business through all platforms, if your Goal is to get more sales or even if it is only to get high engagement on your pages. With the right Social Media management you will be able to go viral on the internet. Find Out More

SEO Melbourne

SEO Melbourne

SEO is a very easy tool for all small and midsize business owners to help their business thrive, We are here at Positive SEO Melbourne to help you take advantage of being organically on the first page of Google. We prove it first and get you the Ranking first. At Positive SEO Melbourne we know that your success is just a step in us growing as well, So we are always happy to serve you. Find Out More

SEO Melbourne

Website Design

Web Design is crucial for your business, As we know that is your shop online. So we have to make sure it is User Friendly and elegant at the same time, As it will be your image to your customers, and normally if you have a good website that will be your tool to convert more business. Positive SEO Melbourne is considered to be one of the Top web design companies in Melbourne. Find Out More

SEO Melbourne

Our Projects

Here we are very proud to announce and show off our pride. Our beloved clients who, with their partnership are making us the leading SEO and PPC management agency in Melbourne. We work effortlessly to make them proud of us, because they placed all their trust in us. Here are some quotes from our clients talking about our services in SEO, PPC management and Web Design we offered them in Melbourne.

  1. Russell Bryan

    Amazing service. What Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne have made to my business is astonishing. I got an instant return on investment. And I have been renewing their service with them every month. Their SEO service is terrific. Definitely recommend them.

  2. John

    My line of business is extremely competitive, making PPC management extremely difficult to manage alone. Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne has made my life easier. They manage my campaign in complete integrity, and I know where every penny I put in their agency is going. Definitely worth the shot.”

  3. Bonnie Hunt

    I have been with them since forever. They are extremely professional, and they are one step ahead of other marketing companies I have dealt with before. Their Web Design team is also extremely gifted they changed my website to the better. Thank you Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne.

  4. Muhammed Naveed

    Simple and to the point, I love their work. Most my customers come from my Adwords campaign.

  5. Sangar

    I was sitting on my computer and trying to figure out my PPC management campaign when I got a call from one of the representatives at Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I should continue the call when I knew it was a sales call. But what attracted me was the one month for free of management fees. I tried them out, and since then my business has been flourishing. Their transparency and up-to-date calls are amazing. And they really helped thrive my business.

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Here at Positive SEO Melbourne, we are running a detailed market research in Melbourne, Australia to make sure we understand all the details for PPC management, SEO management, and Web Design. It is our main goal to provide our customers with an exceptional service and make sure we can do the right market analysis, keyword research and Google Adwords optimization.
Your feedback is vital to our effort in becoming the best SEO company in Melbourne. Fill out the simple six questions form and we will be able to help your business thrive.

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About US

Positive SEO Melbourne is not just your average SEO company. We exist to make the web simple and profitable for all of our clients, but our focus and goals for your business are very different to our competitors. When you talk to other SEO companies, they might just talk all about rankings. Not only do we understand the importance of rankings, but our overall goal is to improve your overall online traffic, including leads and sales. Since day one, we’ve been helping our clients to succeed online with ethical and customized strategies that align with our clients’ goals. We are a professional, yet fun agency that gives you that much deserved advantage over your competitors.

With a keen awareness of the latest approaches to Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and SEO Services, Smart SEO is dedicated to building a reputation as the leading online agency in Australia. Based in Melbourne , we service businesses throughout Australia. Beginning in 2017, Smart SEO has assisted companies large and small with all facets of Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Networks, SEO Copywriting & Linkbuilding, and much more.

Our Mission

This is the part where we tell you all about how great we are. Or maybe it’s the part where you start to think:

“Why am I here?”
That’s the important part, we think. Knowing what it is you’re looking for. As a prospective client, chances are good that the biggest part of why you’ve come looking for SEO services is simple. You’re looking to get visible. You probably have a great business. You’re probably really good at what you do. But that business isn’t something people know about. And what you’re not so good at is figuring out how to make sure people learn about what a fantastic business it really is. And that’s the key to growing your business. is Visibility.
Our job is to help spot a light on your business—on your talents—because once people can see you, that’s when the opportunity to dazzle them arises. Like you, we are really good at our jobs.
We can turn your web presence into a shining beacon, and we’ll do it the right way. The clean, white hat way that engines respect. We’ll get you more Visibility.

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