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What makes us at Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne the best at what we do, is our full transparency with our clients. Our honesty and integrity is what leads us to perform amazing SEO management, PPC management, and Web Design services.

We have complied blogs to tell you exactly what we do here in this agency. We share what is SEO, and PPC management. We talk about how you can improve your website with our Web Design team. We go into full details about how you can improve your SEO and PPC management. We give this service to our beloved Melbourne clients who will benefit from each and every detail written in this blog.

SEO and PPC management have never been easier with Positive Digital Marketing Melbourne. Read out our blogs and educate yourself, so that you could know everything we do. Here is a little secret for you, a lot of the digital marketing tips and tricks are in our blogs. Enjoy your reading.

SEO Melbourne

Google Adwords VS SEO? What is better ?

This is a dilemma that almost every business owner in Australia is facing, shall I invest money in SEO and wait for the results after 6 months or shall I invest in Adwords and get an immediate ROI. Is...

SEO Melbourne

Unlimited Clicks on Google Adwords!

IS IT A MYTH, OR A CON?   This is a question almost every single business owner in Australia is asking now. Can I get unlimited clicks on Google Adwords? With a lot of companies calling from all over...


How Big Data is Changing Advertising as we know it?

Information is one of the key types of data assembling inside the business. Consistently, time is distributed towards moving the information got and attracting data over to discover approaches to enhance operations crosswise over different levels of business. Big...

Google Penalty

How to Protect my Website against Google Penalty

  Obviously, everyone’s goal is to see their website on the Top Search Rank Results. This is the motivation behind why organizations spend huge amounts of cash on upgrading the positioning of their site.   SEO is the instrument...

PPC Management Melbourne

Warning Signs For Your PPC Campaign

There is no definitive recipe for a successful PPC management. It’s nearly impossible to determine a fixed equation for success. Add to it, the constant updates and changes Google is making on a regular basis. what’s more important is...

Top SEO Melbourne

PPC Keyword Research

When starting a PPC management campaign, you must have struggled utilizing the keyword matching options you have on your Adwords. It’s okay there is nothing to worry about. I am going to exactly tell you how each and every...

Best PPC Management Melbourne

SEO Management Expanded

WHAT IS GOOGLE ADWORDS? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PPC MANAGEMENT AND SEO MANAGEMENT? SEO management or Search Engine Optimization management is very different than PPC management, and is slightly more complicated as well. When we talk about online...