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Unlimited Clicks on Google Adwords!



This is a question almost every single business owner in Australia is asking now.

Can I get unlimited clicks on Google Adwords?

With a lot of companies calling from all over the world to offer unlimited clicks on AdWords.
So when asking such a question we need to understand is that something that Google offers? Or is that just from that company? Or is a scam and technically not possible?
The answer to all your questions is easy, just pay attention to make sure you can understand and differentiate between the scammers and the real players in the market.

Does Google Offer Unlimited Clicks?
The Answer will be a clear No, and if you read the terms and conditions of the third parties with Google, It is very clear and frank that Google is not responsible for such an advertising program, they have designed AdWords to be a pay per click.

And that even works more for their benefit because they are creating competition and that gets the CPC to be higher.
So the next question should be:



Yes, don’t be surprised the answer is yes it is possible, but under few conditions, first, you need to know that AdWords works always in the same way, which is the PPC model, so even the company that offers unlimited clicks will still be paying to Google per click.
So how can that be done? It goes as follows if you have a really good account manager to manage your AdWords.

He will get you a really high-Quality Score almost 9 or 10 for all of your keywords and that minimizes the CPC to the max.

And still keeping you in a good position on the first page of Google.

Then you need to know exactly what keywords are you targeting as you cannot do that on a broad match or phrase match keyword types, cause that will consume all of your money in no time and for no reason.



So a very good market research should be done before choosing the keywords, because it is not only about the number of searches on that keyword, it is based on the conversion rate ( which is how many genuine customers are searching ) as some of the high searched volume keywords like Rubbish Removal Sydney are getting more than 53% of the searches from business owners clicking on each other and hurting the business.
More importantly is that you have to keep a really good tracking system ( Track App, computer Ids).

So whenever your competitors try to harm the business by clicking on you, they are blocked and you can claim that money back from Google.

So that will give you an advantage on all of the other websites.
By doing all of that properly you will be On the first page of Google all the time.

And you will get the desired results.



That’s a tricky question, as no it is not good for all businesses, it depends on the industry, the keywords, the ROI.

All of that should be researched and put into consideration before signing for unlimited clicks on Adwords.

With that being said we would love to walk you through the whole process in more depth and details.

Just contact us via email: or for our customers in Dubai.

And we will be able to advise if that works for you, or another model is better for your business.

Keep in mind that your business deserves to have a custom tailored advertising plan for it to grow.

3 thoughts on “Unlimited Clicks on Google Adwords!

  1. This is really helpful, But how can I be sure you will deliver the service of being on page 1 of Google, with unlimited clicks. you are asking me to pay all upfront. So what if I paid you the money and nothing happens.
    As I have my friend down here, who has a very bad experience with one other advertising company.
    I am not saying you will do this, but I am just trying to understand.

    1. Dear Marwa, This is a very good question, and I see your point. Now lets take this step by step. Our record shows that we have literately 100% satisfied clients, and as an advertising agency we we are making our profit when you continue using our services, So it is a main priority for us to make sure that you are happy enough to get you to keep using our services.
      Also that is why we keep it simple and you only try us out for 3 months and depending on our services you will decide if you want to keep using our services.
      you can always check our customers like: , , . we have a huge list of clients that we succeeded to get to dominate on the first page of Google through Google adwords and also through SEO .
      please feel free to ask us any questions that you have and we will be happy to address all your concerns.

  2. I have been using this service from them, for a really long time, almost 2 years now. before I start using Mou’s services I tried a lot of different companies, that didn’t do me any good. and when Mou told me about how he can help my business I was just over the moon, all i asked him was how is that possible, that is too good to be true. No one else in Dubai or UAE can do this.

    and after I met with him, it was an easy yes, and after 2 years of using his services I have recommended him to a lot of my friends, who are already doing business with him now.

    The amount of leads I am getting has increased roughly by 75% only from the adwords, and I was just fascinated to see my website after that on page 1 of Google organically through SEO.
    Just type on Google Business setup in Dubai , and you will find showing on page 1 through SEO as well.
    I am really glad to have found Mou, and for sure I would say use his services.

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